• Elect Climate Champions

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    Gordon Starr for Barnstable Town Council, Precinct 1

    To learn more about Gordon, visit www.starrbarnstable.com.

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    Paul Cusack for Barnstable Town Council, Precinct 5

    To learn more about Paul, visit https://www.electpaulcusack.org/about.

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    Michael Mecenas for Barnstable Town Council, Precinct 9

    To learn more about Michael, visit www.instagram.com/electmichaelmecenas.

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  • How To Vote

    Election Day: Tuesday, November 7


  • About

    The Environmental League of Massachusetts Action Fund (ELMAF) IE PAC helps to elect environmental champions, educates voters about candidate positions on environmental issues, and works to build the political power of the environmental community. It invests financial and technical resources in campaigns around the Commonwealth.


    The ELM Action Fund IE PAC is sending a message to effective climate champions at every level of government: we are building the political power of the environmental movement. The ELM Action Fund IE PAC will do all we can to support those with the ability and courage to lead.


    Investing in climate champions is investing in a sustainable future for Massachusetts.

  • 2022 Climate Champions

    In 2022, Massachusetts voters have a chance to elect champions who will help lead the fight against climate change here in the Commonwealth and around the country! The Environmental League of Massachusetts Action Fund IE has endorsed these climate champions in the Democratic Primary elections on September 6th, 2022.

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    Maura Healey for Massachusetts Governor

    • Took on powerful interests – including Big Oil and opioid companies – as Attorney General to protect Massachusetts residents

    • Will make Massachusetts a national leader on clean energy and prepare our cities and towns to respond to the challenges of climate change

    To learn more about Maura, visit https://maurahealey.com/.

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    Andrea Campbell for Massachusetts Attorney General

    • Championed the public interest as an experienced attorney and made history as the first Black woman to serve as President of the Boston City Council

    • Will continue Maura Healey’s legacy as Attorney General, taking on big businesses that pollute our air and water and fighting for environmental justice

    To learn more about Andrea, visit https://www.andreacampbell.org/.

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    Chris Dempsey for Massachusetts State Auditor

    • Fought to make the public transportation system safer, more accessible, and accountable as Assistant Secretary of Transportation for Governor Deval Patrick

    • Will hold government accountable and help the state stay on track to reduce emissions

    To learn more about Chris, visit https://dempseyforauditor.com.


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    Pavel Payano for State Senate, 1st Essex District

    • Advocated for policies that support local families and prioritized economic equity as a Lawrence City Councilor

    • Will advance renewable energy initiatives and fight for climate policies that will create healthier, more resilient communities throughout the Commonwealth

    To learn more about Pavel, visit https://www.pavelpayano.com/.


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    Jake Oliveira for State Senate, Hampden, Hampshire, Worcester District

    • Secured millions of dollars for public higher education, local infrastructure projects, and small businesses as a State Representative

    • Will preserve local parks, rivers and open spaces, and work to protect cities and towns from harmful pollutants that threaten public health

    To learn more about Jake, visit https://www.jakeoliveira.org/.

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    Sarah Peake for State Representative, 4th Barnstable District

    • Secured millions of dollars to support affordable housing, local schools, rural transportation, and water quality improvements as a State Representative

    • Will implement flood risk protection legislation and support investments in resilience efforts to safeguard communities from the impacts of sea level rise

    To learn more about Sarah, visit https://www.sarahpeake.net/.

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    Roberto Jiménez Rivera for State Representative, 11th Suffolk District

    • Advocated for student safety and increased school funding during the COVID-19 pandemic as a Chelsea School Committee Member and organizer for the Boston Teachers Union

    • Will champion efforts to improve air quality monitoring and accountability, and expand energy efficiency programs that will reduce costs and combat climate change

    To learn more about Roberto, visit https://electroberto.org/.


    Photo Credit: Timothy Peng, The Boston Globe

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    Zoe Dzineku for State Representative, 16th Middlesex District

    • Protected voting rights during the pandemic as the Chair of the Lowell Election Commission

    • Will work to make households and public transportation more energy efficient, and expand access to new jobs and economic opportunities in the clean energy sector


    To learn more about Zoe, https://www.govotezoe.com/.


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    Manny Cruz for State Representative, 7th Essex District

    • Advocated for and secured vital funding for local schools and community projects as the Vice Chair of the Salem School Committee and District Director for State Representative Paul Tucker

    • Will expand bus, ferry, and commuter rail services and make public transportation more reliable and energy efficient

    To learn more about Manny, visit https://www.mannycruz.org/.

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    Katrina Huff-Larmond for State Senate, 2nd Plymouth & Norfolk District

        • Broke barriers as the first woman of color to serve as Vice President of the Randolph Town Council
        • Will make public transportation more sustainable and prioritize environmental health in all communities


        To learn more about Katrina, visit https://katrinaforsenate.com/.

      • Press

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        Para frenar los efectos del cambio climático en Lawrence y más allá 

        La actual ola de calor veraniega, en medio de la década más calurosa de la que se tiene constancia, es sólo el último recordatorio de que el cambio climático no es un problema abstracto para las generaciones futuras.
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